From Failing Grade to honour Student by changing his Self-Image.
Our Self-Image is created in our little life, from 0 to 5 years. It is past down from one generation to the next, through our culture, through our school system and through our environment. The image that we hold of ourselves, isn't true. It is a paradigm and can be changed through a scientifically proven system. Every human being have the capacity to re-Create
themselves, the exact way the person wants to be. All is required is a burning desire to be who you want to be!

Coach Lucie.

I am not a Doctor, nor a child’s psychologist, however, for the last 13 years, I have studied the MIND. My curiosity, strong desire to succeed, and fascination for understanding the mind have propelled me to read a significant number of books and study the ideas of many philosophers. I read my first book about the mind in my early twenties and I haven’t stopped since

In 2015, my desire to be more, do more and have more, led me to work with Bob Proctor, the most reputable Success Coach in the world today. Bob Proctor began his journey in 1963 when he met Ray Stanford, who offered him apprenticeship, and in return he would help transform his life.

At 26, Bob Proctor had not accomplished much. He was a high school drop out, had a number of short term insignificant jobs, owed $6000, and earned an annual salary of $4000. Bob was struggling to keep his head above water, until he met Ray Stanford, who began teaching Bob about the power of the mind. Bob never believed in himself, however, he realized that Ray believed in him, inspiring him to follow Ray’s advice, word for word.

This marked a turning point in Bob’s life: that year, his annual salary increased to $175,000, from $4000, a clear indication that Ray’s system was working. After that first year, Bob felt an urge to go into the personal development and human potential business to help others achieve the same success he did, and the rest is history.

Bob is the recipient of the legacy of the richest man and philanthropist of the early nineteenth-century, Andrew Carnegie. Proctor followed in the footsteps of Earl Nightingale who, in turn, was taught by Napoleon Hill, Carnegie’s pupil. Considered the father of Human Potential Development and “Meaningful Existence”, Earl Nightingale was the most listened to the man in the history of radio broadcasts. During the early fifties, his radio program “Sky King” (1950-1956) inspired and transformed the lives of millions of people all over the world. In the

1960s, Nightingale and Lloyd Conant teamed up and founded the first Personal Development Institute, the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. Bob Proctor joined it shortly thereafter. Bob has been teaching this subject for almost six decades, where he worked closely with many other likeminded leaders.

Bob then moved to Chicago to work at Nightingale-Conant, where he became vice president of sales. In the mid-1970s, he established his own seminar company. Bob now teaches thousands of people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds. He has earned praise for his teaching from places around the world. At Nightingale-Conant, Bob Proctor has worked several large national and international companies, such as Prudential Insurance, RE/MAX International, IBM, Keller Real Estate, Metropolitan Life, Malaysian Airlines, and more.

During Bob’s first seminar with agents from Prudential Life Insurance Company of America in Chicago, he suggested that any agent could write $5 million in business that year if he/she decided to do so. The suggestion seemed nearly impossible as the year was already half-over, and no agent in that region had ever written so much business in the company’s history. Thanks to Bob’s guidance and teachings, the agent reached the suggested goal, establishing Bob’s reputation as a successful motivator. That same year, a group of psychologists were sent to Prudential to understand the tactics used behind the company’s success. Bob had taught the employees how to tap into their unlimited reservoir of power within themselves.

While teaching a seminar at Prudential, Bob Proctor was approached by an employee named Lisa, who mentioned that her son had “learning disabilities”. Her 11-year old son, Simon, was in special education as his educators deemed unable to keep up with his classmates due to attention deficit disorder (ADD). Lisa loved her son, and felt that he was very intelligent, despite having ADD. Lisa wondered if Bob’s teachings benefit her son. Bob suggested that she bring him to the next seminar, and his staff made sure to get him involved and make it fun for the young boy

The woman brought him along to see how he would respond. The boy sat front show next to his mother. The entire audience knew that Lisa’s son was attending the seminar. The child gracefully paid attention and got involved in many activities throughout the 2-day seminar. In the end, Lisa asked her son what he thought of it. His response seemed excited and motivated, as he responded without hesitation that he wanted to use the system so he would do better in school. Lisa was thrilled that he was willing to do it as she had been advised by Bob not to pressure him, that only the boy would decide if it was right for him.

The mother and son went home and together studied the system. Simon’s grades went from failing to straight A’s. He got involved at the school’s radio station and the newspaper. By the time Simon was ready to go to college, he received multiple scholarship offers. The study of the “Mental Science” opened up the door to a fulfilled and meaningful life for Simon, despite his ADD.

Simon went on to successfully complete college and for many years, Bob used Simon as a case study. Lisa had lost hope of a purposeful life for her son, but the knowledge passed on to her by Bob, proof that a child’s desire to overcome any challenges or handicaps is possible, especially when using a proven method. Miracles occur every day, and everything is possible.

I am aware that your institution offers top quality education. I know that your goal is to get the generation into the path of success and leadership. What if your institution would teach such a subject as the thinking science? Your institution would surely stand out from the rest of the American school system and most likely worldwide as this subject isn’t taught in schools. Be avant-garde and dare to teach an unheard concept. A concept that is a proven science and which will bring 100% success among your students. Guaranteed! Get the new generation ready to be our future leaders. Be the first to change the way we teach our children.

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