From living day to day, without any goals nor objectives. See how the power of Thinking Into Results can bring magic and miraculous outcome, even to a group of youngsters from a third world country.

BY Bob Proctor | Proctor Gallagher Institute

Studying the Power of the Mind isn’t a concept that is widely spoken. Our school system does not even address the subject and yet it is essential for creating our perfect destiny. Educo, which is means “educe”.  A Latin word which means to draw or bring out from within, referring to our creative faculties: perception, reason, memory, intuition, willpower and imagination. These faculties are gifts that when exercise and strengthen can make us a “Super Human Being”. The Thinking Into Results is an exceptionally designed program presented in twelve relevant, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the methods and success mindset taught become a part of you.

Health, wealth and success are our birthrights. Every human being has the potential to create its own perfect destiny, only if we knew how? The Thinking Into Result does that. Can you imagine the world we would be living if we would teach the essentials of life to every being living? If we would our world wouldn’t be what it is today.

Zambia, one of the poorest places on the planet, with over half of the population unable to afford an adequate diet, even if they spend all their income on food. More than half a million children do not have access to primary education, and this number is on the increase.

Mandy Evil, a business colleague has brought the Thinking Into Result into a group of young from Zambia and the results were astonishing.

In 2017, Mandy had the opportunity to introduce Thinking Into Result to a group of young men and women who had grown up in an orphanage in Zambia. When growing in an orphanage and reaching18 of years old, these young orphans are released to be independent. Two years after their release, a group of thirteen students were offered to study the TIR program and to follow all instructions to the letter. These students involved had been still and unproductive ever since they had left the orphanage. They did nothing at all, they were barely living, they were existing.

Out of thirteen students, three students eventually dropped out, and as expected, the teaching of the program proved to be highly effective.

Despite being in a third world country, with the lack of funds, often time no internet connection and minimum computer access, these students and the mentorship that Mandy provided them was very successful and life transforming.

All of them put in the work and the study time which is about 45 minutes to 1:30 of daily work, otherwise they would not see the results. They were guided by Mandy through a webinar. The program, which is designed to be studied through a period of 6 months was accelerated to 4 months, to benefit these young adults.

What the marvellous program TIR first step is to decide on a goal because without a goal a person will never progress to move toward the goal. Throughout the program, the student has to focus only on one particular goal. Once the goal is set the program teaches how to manifest the particular goal.

Mendy met every ten days and would work the lesson with a group setting. Everyone would take a turn with a one on one screen time with Mandy and would ask a question(s). While answering the question of one student, everyone in the room would listen and pay attention because often time the students might wonder about the same.

What was the biggest change with all of these students is that at the end of the four months program, all of them began taking responsibility for there lives. Many reach their goals but most important, is that each of them began living a life that they decide on.

One of the students, a young lady’s goal was to “beautify people”, but how could she accomplish that without any certification or education. She didn’t know how she was going to accomplish such a goal, but in the end, she used the same program; TIR and began teaching to people who wanted to bring out their best. She was able to find fifty paying clients, which is a huge accomplishment in Zambia.

Many of the students’ goal was to get into a reputable University and they all did. Another student whose brother had a small retail business, ask to join him as a business partner. His brother had been in business for only one year but was earning a small salary. Joining his brother in the business and together to find a Chinese supplier who would get them the goods for a fraction of the price they were now paying. Unfortunately, the Chinese businessman didn’t agree to go into business with them due to being in business for only 1 year. The Chinese businessman requirement was to have been in business for a minimum of 3 years. The two brothers didn’t give being denied, The kept positive and optimistic and after several attempts to get the Chinese businessman to agree to work with them, they succeed. Since then, they have expended the retail store and earning more money. And lastly, one young man who had the bad habit of going to bed late and sleeping part of the day wanted to get up early. At the end of the four months, he woke up early.

When living in a third world country, these transformations may appear more or less challenging but for this group of young adult, the TIR put them on track to accomplish something worth living. Teaching this program to privilege young people could have a tremendous impact on their future and the future of every human being.

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